Fairmantle Street

Fairmantle Street

Monday, 27 January 2014

Hello and welcome to St.John's C of E Primary School Page.

This marvelous little school operated between 1812 - 1980. I was in the last group of children to pass through its education before going onto Secondary School and as such feel privileged to have spent a sizable chunk of my formative years at such an unusual little school.

St.John's never had the huge numbers of it's nearby rivals but it deserves it's place in Truro's history. It was the first "Central School" in Truro and until the early 1970s had a thriving active life with a promising furture. Unfortunately, due to unexpected subsidence from the nearby bypass (Morlaix Avenue) being built at the end of the 1960s the school literally begun to fall down around the pupils and staff!

In 1972, it was torn down sadly and a year was spent sending the children to alternative locations until the school was reopened in temporary portacabins.  That was the situation for the school until it closed in 1980, with just 42 children to it's name.

However, the school's legacy should not be forgotten! Who can forget the fantastic swimming teams the school taught and promoted (although the boys 1979 defeat at Football of 14-2 against Tregolls best be forgotten I suppose!)

Please use and enjoy this blog - I shall add bits and pieces when I can. Please comment on any of the information I print and add to it as you feel fit.

Claire Stocker